About Me

Hello and welcome!

Who’s This Guy?

My name is David Torres – People call me Dave which my mother hates because she thinks I’m an angel and David sounds like I am a man of god I suppose.

I go by either name really but as I get older and more into business, David does sound better professionally as well as spiritually. So I guess mom was always right, Ha.

What’s Your Background?


I’ve been working off and online with computers since America Online first became popular in the 90’s and wow I feel old now looking back.

I just received my first degree about a year and a half ago in computer science and web development. Since then I have been in love with internet marketing and building websites.


How Did You Start Out Online?


I started out running into a brick wall a few times with affiliate marketing. I didn’t know where to go for good training or how to make money on the internet so I eventually gave up.


What Was Your First Website?


When I was in college my professor could see I had great potential in web design and would refer me to web development work. My first website was for a local food delivery service called Dixon Food Taxi.


First Online Earnings?


Before I developed Dixonfoodtaxi.com I had my first referral from my college professor and it was to update a website with new content.

I had never even met the guy that owned the domain he just trusted me to go in and start tinkering with his website. That earned me my first three hundred bucks online.


Any Success as an Affiliate Marketer?


Honestly, I have had minimal success and that’s the truth. However, I did not find the right training program until just recently. I am now starting to see myself grow as an online marketer.

The training I am getting now is an online community full of great people who all work together and help each other out and I am so thankful I found them.


Why Write the BuzzBoxer Blog?


I want to put together a road map to success as far as online marketing goes. I may not have expert advice for my readers but I am learning from the experts and doing diligent research to make sure I am putting up good content.


My #1 Goal for This Blog  Personal Guarantee!


I will be completely honest and forthcoming with any product or service that I review. When I review something I will have actually used the product and not just gone off of what I read from some other blog or advertisement.

I will look for the bugs or misleading conceptions and bring them to the table so you as the reader can make your own judgment.


What Will BuzzBoxer Consist of?


Buzz Boxer will have ideas for online business and tools that you can use to create traffic. You will be able to see the progress and related posts on the Get Started page.




Drop a message in the comments section. I would love to hear what you have to say!

I’ll gladly answer any questions you may have to the best of my knowledge.

You can also reach me at my personal favorite online hangout area in Wealthy Affiliate I can easily get answers to questions there because I have access to a great team who are happy to answer questions.

Please keep in mind:

I am here to help you achieve your online success.

At Wealthy Affiliate or (WA), I’m not only learning how to create my own success, I am also helping others create their own success as well as giving help and tips about how to expand and grow their websites.

If you want to you may join me and others there.

Just make a free account at Wealthy Affiliate, where myself and others can get you the expert advice and tips about online marketing.

If you want more information about WA, I will be writing a full review on it so you can take a look for yourself.

Otherwise, you can leave me any comments or questions you would like.


Thank You!


Thanks for stopping by the Buzz Boxer website today if you have any questions or concerns feel free to post a comment below or hit me up on the social media links.

I can get back to you the quickest through my profile on Wealthy Affiliate if your not sure what Wealthy Affiliate is I encourage you to read my FULL REVIEW of the website. Here’s the link!

Your friend,

David Torres

  • Ted

    You know David, that was one of the most friendly and easy to understand “About Me” pages I ever read. Love your style. I’ll be back from time to time for some more of your tools and reviews. I am just starting out with my first site, so I can appreciate your perspectives. Good luck with your site!

    • Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad to have gotten some feedback on my about page. I didn’t think anyone ever read those things. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your first site it can be quite the task!

  • Hey David,
    Your “about me” page is very honest and forthcoming. After reading this page I feel like I know you and look forward to learning from you.
    I would encourage any of your readers to signup for Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to signup, no credit card required and there is a wealth of knowledge available and many entrepreneurs that like to help.
    I was wondering what tools you would recommend for a newbie start building a web business?

    Best regards,

    • Hey Marty,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading this page. I’m glad that someone reads these things. I try to make them as interesting as possible. I guess if I’m ever a hotshot millionaire marketer I will have more interesting things to put on my about page.

      Anyhow, thanks for stopping in Marty


  • Hi David! Another Marty here!

    I have bookmarked your website because I need to learn more about content writing and internet marketing. I am perusing your site. Your content is very well written and helpful. I’ll keep checking back for additional material that you will provide. I also look forward to your newsletter. Thanks so much for choosing this niche to help others!

    • Thanks, Marty!

      I expect to have a new newsletter written and sent out the fifteenth of every month. Along with new posts that come along!