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You may be thinking come on man no one thinks bad grammar is a good idea! No one needs a free Grammar tool. I have a question for you. Have you read anything lately?


I can go find a mistake on someone’s blog or major internet site within fifteen minutes right now if I wanted to.


I do not understand why folks cannot at least run their work through a spell check. If you are guilty of this, don’t worry I am too!


Yes, I’m a Hippo-crate I know! The good news is that I have found a quick easy solution to the problem. First, let’s talk about why bad grammar will sink you as a marketer.



What Bad Grammar Means For An Online Marketer.


Imagine that I was an affiliate marketer trying to sell you on a great product. 🙂 If I made even one mistake on my spelling, would you buy the product from me.


Let’s say I was a door to door salesman that you didn’t want to kill. (I’m selling you steaks or something you actually want.) If I didn’t talk right would you buy the product from me?


I’m not talking accent I’m saying that I mumbled or left words out of my speech. Heck, no man you would be getting the shotgun right?


It looks horrible to the customer if you do not communicate with proper grammar. I know it can be a real pain even finding the spell check on some of these word processors now.


Back to the good news, there is a free grammar tool that will check your work as you type. Like a spell check but far more in depth.



How To Prevent Bad Grammar Online.


So you are not annoyed Grammarly is not proper English so I will be referring to the tool as the free grammar tool. (most of the time)


When you are writing away on your website there is always a few things you can do to prevent bad grammar.


The number one thing I do is use a free grammar tool called Grammarly. This tool will out work any tool on the market and you can use it for free.


Another thing you can do to prevent these mishaps is to use a word processor that has a spell checker. Microsoft Word is among the most popular.


The most effective way is for you yourself to read the work out loud to yourself. Then have a friend read it out loud as well. Online tools are great but I still read everything over twice and then hand it over to someone else for them to read.


Next, I want to go over some of the key features and how to use the free grammar tool.



How To Use Grammarly


As a starter note, you will need to have Google Chrome web browser installed on your computer.


To use Grammarly, then you will need to create an account on their website They will then ask you if you to install the grammar extension to Google Chrome.


Then if you have Microsoft Office you can have this free grammar tool installed on Office as an add-in.


Update: If you so wish you can also have this free grammar tool installed onto Windows.


You may be thinking by now, why do I have to have it installed in three places? The answer is you don’t. If you use the web the most for writing then that is the way you want to go.


Now, if you are a student and you use Microsoft Office all the Time then that is your best bet.


The Windows version is nice if you want to have the free grammar tool to check random documents. All you do is click the upload button and search for the document you want to check.


Then you will use the free grammar tool normal. Next, I want to talk about some of the features of the free version of Grammarly.



Free Grammar Tool – Features


  • This free grammar tool will perform the following actions for free 
  • Google Chrome extension (Check your writing across the web)
  • Basic grammar and spell checks
  • Automatic errors detection
  • Progress report every week
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions (Limited)
  • Explanation of grammar rules (Limited)


While this may seem like a small list, it packs a big punch. This tool help my writing and saves me a ton of time!



The Premium Version Features


If you thought the free version was a great deal wait till you see what the premium program can do. The premium version of this program is unbelievable.


  • 250+ Advanced grammar check
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Plagiarism detector
  • Automatic errors detection
  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions (Unlimited)
  • Explanation of grammar rules (Unlimited)
  • Performance stats by email
  • Catch contextual grammar mistakes
  • Documents access on several devices
  • Words to your personal dictionary
  • Personal Grammarly editor


This is a little overboard for the normal user I will admit. A professional writer may want to take a serious look at these features. Everyone makes a mistake once in a while.


Having this powerful team on your side to help is exactly what the pros need to get the job done right!



Pricing For Premium


Monthly ………………………. $29.95

Quarterly Plan……………. $59.95

Annual Plan ……………….. $139.95


Savings Per Month

Monthly ………………………. $0 save $0

Quarterly Plan……………. $19.98 save $9.97 per mo

Annual Plan ……………….. $11.66 save $18.29 per mo


My Experience With Grammarly


This free grammar tool has been my go-to tool for over a year now. I run this blog with it and depend on it to help me get my blog posts done quickly.


I like Microsoft and some of the other products out there but they honestly do not cut it. This thing cuts my work time in half and I couldn’t be any happier with it.





This free grammar tool goes above and beyond my expectations. Don’t take my word for it, though. Go try it for absolutely free. If you don’t like it uninstall it. I guarantee you that it won’t disappoint.



Your Thoughts


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