How to Create a Website With WordPress

How to create a website with WordPress is a term that is often googled and in fact, that is probably how you came across this website.
How to Create a Website With WordPress

We as web developers or beginning web developers all would like to have that next big website that goes absolutely viral within hours.

However, that would be like hitting the lottery because it takes more than a day to build an online empire like say for example Facebook.

One of the main reasons Facebook is so big is that they have teams of developers and marketers out there doing what they have to in order to keep the gigantic site running and enjoyable.

Well, what about the small web developer or someone just starting out with no experience or going at it solo?


The Easy Way Out


We can all start a website with tools you see online like or Go Daddy and they make it look really easy to build a website. For the most part, it is easy to get a site up and running however they tend to leave out how difficult it is to actually get visitors to the website.

I can have the best-looking website on the web with the best content but if no one has heard of it or if I have a weak marketing strategy, chances are that it will remain that way.

This is why teams are more effective at building websites than the solo person.

However, if a solo person has access to a team and great training, then that person has the potential to make a good income online just by doing some simple things every day and all you really do is make simple articles like this one.

Have you just hit the jackpot here and will be a millionaire tomorrow?

No … not at all!How to Create a Website With WordPress

I bet though you would love even a slight boost in your income a month right?

Sure you would, and with a team like Wealthy Affiliate, you can make that happen and once you know what you are doing the sky is the limit with how much you can make online. Don’t just take my word for, though!


Take the Seven-day challenge for FREE!


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Thanks for stopping by the Buzz Boxer website today if you have any questions or concerns feel free to post a comment below or hit me up on the social media links.

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  • Neil

    I ‘ve always wanted a blog site of my own but found it difficult because I don’t have coding skills nor the knowledge on how to go about actually setting one up properly 🙁 lol

    It sure would be awesome to have a website that went around the globe within just hours. I’d never have to work a job again. HA HA!

    I’ll certainly be visiting your profile at Wealthy Affiliate to pick your brains some more about getting a website together 🙂


  • You have done a great job with your website and i agree with you, it takes a network of like minded people to get the job done because there are person that will guide you in which ever direction that you need to go and give you sound advice. Great job on your webite and thanks for sharing.