How to write blog post content in seven steps


How to write blog post content in seven steps




How to Write Blog Post Content


You may be struggling with the speed issue that most folks have when writing a blog post. I want to show you an exciting way that can help you gain speed in writing these blog posts. We all have other things we need to get done and if you can cut down at least half the time then you can get a lot more done out of the day and get those chores done! This is just the typing process of the actual post.

Put Your Tools in Place First

If you have a handle on all the tools you will need right in front of you then this is going to make writing a blog post fast and easy.

Make sure to a have:

  • notepad
  • pencil
  • your writing program open (I prefer Word)
  • cup of coffee or whatever drink for those thinking moments


Create Your Writing Environment

Get all the stuff done that needs to be done before you begin the writing process.

I have a dog so I make sure that he is all taken care of before I begin and that I have a hot cup of coffee ready to go. Make sure that you have a set time of the day to get things done. Having a calendar is great also for scheduling your posts

Think ahead

Think ahead when you are preparing to blog about today’s topic. Make sure you are thinking about what you want to write about ahead of time so that you can type it out fast. Then get a quick outline done on paper. 



Step 1

Starting out, think about how you will lay everything out in your blog post. Have a good solid idea on what you are going to put in the post before you begin typing it out.


Step 2

Do a quick google search on the topic you are writing about so you know what kind of competition you are looking at. Make sure that the content that you are going to be writing about isn’t over saturated. You don’t want to write about something that has five billion blog posts already.


Step 3

Write a quick outline for your post. You need not be too specific on what you are writing about this outline is for you and you will only use it as an aid for typing out your blog post fast. Just make sure that you have all the headlines in the outline that you want to use.


Step 4

You do NOT need to worry about anything but typing. Just type as best as you can ant the editing will happen later. Use the outline and do nothing but type between the headlines that you made in your outline. You want to be writing at least one or two sentences per headline.


Step 5

Here you will create a great introduction to your post. You only need three to five great sentences here. Just write something that you think will catch the reader’s attention. You may also tell a story to the reader about how you did a certain task related to your topic and how this post can help you.


Step 6

You need to now write a conclusion to your post and this is basically to give your readers a path on what they should do next or ask them to leave a comment or something along those lines.


Step 7

In this last step, you will be editing your post with a spell checker. Then after the spell check is done make sure to go and read over the post again because the spell checker will not catch everything.


Will These Tips Save Time?

I originally wanted to write this blog post in 30 minutes. Some people can probably get that done. I am still in my first year as a blogger and the typing of the content took me an hour and 15 minutes. When I first started blogging it was taking an entire day for one blog post. So yes this has helped me improve my time goals.


Thank You

I hope that these steps will help you to construct your blog posts with confidence as well as the speed that you desire. Some individuals can get this writing done in as little as 20 minutes but how good is the content that they are creating? If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. The fastest way to get in touch with me is through my profile at Wealthy Affiliate and can most likely find some great information about blogging in there! You can also read my full review on Wealthy Affiliate here!