is wealthy affiliate a pyramid schemeIs Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme? My Pyramid Analysis.


Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme? When I first joined Wealthy Affiliate my wife had this question roll off her tongue. I told her it was not and I decided I would prove it to her.
You are here today most likely looking for some of the same truth to Wealthy Affiliate as my wife was. At first, I told myself that even if I was wasting my time it would be no different than having a hobby.
I enjoy writing and creating web pages about topics that I enjoy and that’s why I continue this blog. I don’t do it for money but if it comes then great!
My analysis will break down and show you the truth on this question. Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme?

What is a pyramid scheme?


By definition, a pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members. The model promises payments or services for recruiting others into the wealthy affiliate a pyramid scheme
As the scheme multiplies, the recruiting process becomes difficult. The members on the bottom often make no money at all. Some multi-level marketing plans get labeled as pyramid schemes.
Pyramid schemes are illegal because all that they are doing is recruiting people. The main issue is that the scheme cannot go on forever.
At the bottom of the pyramid, there is no money made, no products sold, no investments made and, no services sold.
The lesson here is that you cannot make more money by giving someone a smaller amount of money.

What Is An Example Of An Actual Pyramid Scheme?


The company Herbalife has been under the label of being a pyramid scheme before. They do have a product line though which saves them is wealthy affiliate a pyramid schemefrom being illegal. The did an interesting piece on the results of the investigation.
Another prime example of an actual pyramid scheme would be cash gifting. It is in disguise because it is a gift but the main idea is that you send someone you do not know 500 dollars cash by mail.
You are then enrolled into the scheme and allowed to send out advertisements. Then it is a bait and hook game and you wait for the cash by mail from new recruits.
This not illegal though because you are giving money as a gift and that is not illegal. If it was a business it would be illegal.

Is Every Program That Recruits Others A Pyramid Scheme?


This is my favorite. I am going to assume that you the reader have a job or knows someone with a job. Am I correct?
An employer recruited you to their facility. You then engaged in some agreement to trade hours of your life for wealthy affiliate a pyramid scheme
Let me ask you this. Do you think you are participating in a pyramid scheme at your job? Of course, not your employer is a legitimate business correct?
You do all the hard work for the lowest amount of pay in the company. Then there are different levels of management. Each level has a higher income bracket.
The owner of the company makes the most money. Sounds like a pyramid right? It’s a legal one because everyone in it can thrive. Generally, businesses either have a product or service that they are selling.
The difference is when there is a product, service, or investment all tiers of the pyramid make money.
 is wealthy affiliate a pyramid scheme


Multi-Level Marketing Is Not a Scheme


Multi-Level marketing programs often get looked at as pyramid schemes. Two reasons one because there is recruiting involved. Two, if one member recruits another and there is financial gain from for the recruiter.
In Multi-Level marketing, there are products or services to sell making MLMs legal.
MLMs are a big part of the online business world and often get looked at as a negative business model.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Pyramid Scheme?


Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely not a pyramid scheme. The business model is hierarchical to one level only.
If you choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate you can do so but it is not required. I do promote Wealthy Affiliate because it is an excellent resource for learning.
If I recruit someone to Wealthy Affiliate it is like I made a sale at a store. If that person I referred chooses to keep the service then I get a recurring commission.
That is it, I do not make any other levels of income off that person nor do I make money off of what they do.
I get my cut of the sale and Wealthy Affiliate gets the rest of the subscription money.
So again, is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme? I wouldn’t even call it a scheme. It is an online learning community that teaches you how to be an affiliate marketer.
I encourage you to check out my full review on Wealthy Affiliate. It is as detailed and honest as it can be.

My Experience With Wealthy Affiliate


Again I don’t want to let all the juicy details out of the bag because my review of the program will do that.
I will tell you that it is not a walk in the park and you are not going to make a million your first month. If that’s what you are looking for then affiliate marketing is not for you.
My experience with Wealthy Affiliate has been a very delightful one. I am making money now and I am not even a year in.
I have been working at it part-time so a full-time person that has it together can do this thing way faster.
If you are looking for something real then I would suggest you read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

Final Analysis: Is Wealthy Affiliate a Pyramid Scheme?


Is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme? Through everything that I have researched all signs point to no.
The definition of a pyramid scheme says Wealthy Affiliate is not.
Examples of pyramid schemes are not comparable to the Wealthy Affiliate program.
Even though recruitment is a part of Wealthy Affiliate. That doesn’t mean it is a pyramid scheme.
Wealthy Affiliate sells learning services and pays out to the members for recruitment. This makes it a multi-level marketing program. This is a legal and legitimate program.
The question: is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme? No without a doubt in my mind.
My experience with Wealthy Affiliate has been great. My review will give details and proof.

Your Thoughts


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  • ArtByHeart

    I agree 100% about Wealthy Affiliate not being a pyramid scheme! You can only make money from your direct dowline, meaning that there is no difference if you joined WA 10 years ago when the program was established or just few weeks ago. You can earn just as much money, if you establish a good marketing strategy.

    • David Torres

      Hi There,

      Thank you for dropping a comment in for me. The pyramid scheme has been around for many years now and anytime someone creates a program online like this. They will always fight the battle of fear, doubt, and disbelief. This is partly because of the laziness of humanity.

      It’s easier to call everything a scam and just go to work every day for a bum paycheck and get told what to do. When you have to think for yourself and not for a company it is difficult. There’s not always a straight forward answer. I think this scares people into this corner and they push every opportunity away unless it is a ridiculous, unrealistic offer.

      Then they check it out to make sure it’s too good to be true. Wealthy Affiliate is not an unrealistic dream, if you work hard the program will work for you. You’ll never get rich sitting on your ass, you’re going to get rich working your ass off.

      If you work for the man then guess who gets rich. He gets rich and you get a pat on the head. Good job, make sure you are here for work tomorrow.

      Thanks again for your comment!