My Domain Authority

My domain authority is a new concern for me. Here’s the backstory. Recently I received a comment on one of my blog posts. It was about how I shouldn’t worry about the number of articles I write a week. This post was about scheduling posts with online calendar software. The lady is a friend of mine and I saw her point in my posts. In her comment, she brought up my domain authority.


So I decided that I wanted to do a case study on Buzz Boxer as a whole web site. This will be an ongoing authority report. In it, I will take steps to improve my own DA as well as give you some tips on improving your site’s domain authority.


My Domain Authority 


What’s My Domain Authority?


If you are uncertain what the term means here is the complete breakdown.  Domain authority is a measure of the power of a domain name. It is also one of many search engine ranking factors. Domain authority has three main factors: Age, Popularity, and Size. Moz is the founder of the metric known as DA or domain authority.


What’s The Key To Becoming A Domain Authority?


You may have heard this across the internet somewhere before. Become an authority in your niche! I hear it quite often now that I am an internet marketer. The truth is there is not much I can do to increase my domain authority. I have learned step by step how to My Domain Authoritybuild a website and how to write target niche content from Wealthy Affiliate. They have an outstanding learning community that gave me that solid foundation. After spending a bit of time researching I found an article which inspired me by Neil Patel. Neil has a simple five step approach that I will use to help my domain authority.


What Was The Plan Before?


The plan before this five step approach that I am about to cover was similar. Create good content and work on search engine optimization. Buzz Boxer is still in the first year so the age factor is going to keep me down for awhile. It is still a small domain so all I can do there is write content and the popularity will come in time with sharing. There was something that I wasn’t so focused on but did do occasionally.


5 Step Check List – Step 1


The first step is to make sure that everything that I can do SEO related is being done. Here is my mini checklist.My Domain Authority

  • Use good tools for content creation. I use WordPress for building
    Buzz Boxer but for SEO I use the plugin  Squirrly, Yoast, or All in One SEO. Rarely do I use the last one anymore and I run the content through both of the other plugins SEPARATELY! I also deactivate them when they are not in use.
  • Get your site associated with search engines.  Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the major players as we all know. So make sure to setup web tools with them. Go through every aspect of these tools and set them up for your site.
  • Ensure that your site structure is at its best for both human and computer visitors. Both sections are equal in importance. Lucky for me Wealthy Affiliate takes care of most behind the scenes coding on my site. Once I have webmaster tools in place I take care of the human visitor presence and I’m good for the most part.
  • Make a well and easy to use navigation system for your human visitors with breadcrumbs. Last make sure that when you are creating your content that you are filling in all the fields. For example, WordPress has spots for alt tags, categories, tags, featured image etc. Different platforms have some different things but fill it all out to the fullest! It looks good for both types of visitors.


Step 2  – Write and Link


This next step is simply put but hard to stay active. To achieve success in content marketing you have to practice it on a consistent basis. Working at this part-time with a small effort can still get you results. It will take a bit longer to have great success though. Scheduling my blog posts on the calendar is the best way I have found to keep active. 


My Domain Authority  

You want to make sure that your content is engageable to the audience as well linkable. Remember the main audience is the human mind the secondary audience are computers. My domain authority partly relies on the balance between these two factors.

Humans want to learn and understand topics. Computer programs categorize the topics and rank them based on certain algorithms.

I also like to think that the more content I write and link out to the more people I have the potential to reach. So my agenda is to write as much linkable content as I can.


Step 3 – Link From Within


When creating web pages for your website or blog, be sure to link to other pages in your blog! Heck, why wouldn’t you? You might get a visitor on your site reading several pages during a single visit. A lack of internal links on a site is just as bad as having bad grammar

on the site.

That link there will take you to one of my articles about bad grammar on a website. That’s as simple as this step is.

The more pages and posts you have the more things you will have to blog, link and talk about in your posts. My domain authority is small now but keeping this in mind will help it grow and flourish in the future years.


Step 4 – Get Rid Of Bad Links  


I didn’t think this was a big deal when I first started out in internet marketing. Now that I have researched this it would be a nightmare to lose everything that I have accomplished. 

My Domain Authority

Let’s say I had five thousand a month coming in from my blog. Then one day Google comes along and flags the site for bad links and all my traffic comes to a screeching halt. Now that money is gone! Sounds scary right?

Google has these penalties in place now because of people buying traffic.

In order for that to not happen, we need to regularly clean up the websites link profile.

This sounds a lot easier than it is and from what I have read the best practice is to do an audit once a month.

Now you can do a quick link check for links that you create on the site. All you need is to head over to broken link check and type in your site address.

The hard part is next, auditing those who are linking to you! Backlinks can hurt you if they are not relevant to the website! Now if one guy is linking to you in a non-relevant way Google isn’t going to shut you down. It is a good idea though to remove the link though. These can build up over time and then you may see some of Google’s wrath.


Step 4 Continued – This is Quite Long I Know


So here’s the ugly part. You need to get a list of your backlinks first. you can do this in Google webmaster tools or Bing. You can grab whatever is there for both even.

If you are new to online marketing there most likely won’t be anything in these reports but you may have a few.

Next, we are going to determine if these links to your site are relevant. If the link is relevant to the topic, keep the link if not add it to a deletion list. If you end up with links on the deletion list you will have to start contacting or at least try to contact the webmaster. For this, you can use do a search for Who is.

There are a few of these sites and all you do is type in the domain name and it will give you the webmasters email and name. Be polite when asking to remove the back link. If you have contacted them and they do not respond back try once more. Then if still nothing you can use the disavow tools.

This will tell Google or Bing that you have contacted the webmasters and they will not respond to you. The search engine will then no longer penalize you for these bad links.My Domain Authority

Warning there are a lot of overpriced tools out there that do the same thing but with a fancy interface. It looks good but you can take care of all this for free! Yes, some tools have nice bells and Whistles but to get the job done all you need is Google and G Suite free or paid.


Step 5 – The Waiting Game


This may be a hard pill to swallow too! Waiting for success stinks I know. You do all this fantastic work and you get to wait till Google and Bing place their judgments upon you.

Fear not though friends, as long as you are following this case study on my domain authority your DA will rise!

If nothing seems to be happening but your DA isn’t lowering then I would go ahead and assume that it is the age. It is all about trust in this field and when your site is brand new it has very little.


My Domain Authority

At the time of this case study, MOZ gave Buzz Boxer a score of 12. That is a far cry from a hundred but the domain won’t be a year old until July 2017.


Current Analysis


As of 4/19/17, my domain authority is at 12. There is a total of 5 people linking back to Buzz Boxer and only one is a follow link. No-follow links are not necessarily bad for my domain authority. Buzz Boxer is ranking on the first page of five competitive keywords and looking strong.

From here it is still a waiting game. I will continue to grow the blog and watch my DA very close. The MOZ toolbar will help me watch it every day. I can also use it to find sites that I want to link to and receive links from.




In this case study, I will showcase and report changes in my domain authority. My readers will be able to verify and follow these simple steps for themselves. The effectiveness will not happen overnight but nothing is that fast.

If you have a comment or question please drop it down below. I know this is a long one folks and thanks for taking the time today to read it. If you have not yet I encourage you to check out this Wealthy Affiliate Review.


  • I’m so glad I stopped by today. This another great example of why I am following you. This post was not only helpful and well written, but I learned several new things that I can implement right away for increasing my domain authority on my blog. I can’t wait to see what affect these tips may have.

    I find it really interesting that MOZ was able to provide you with information regarding you DA. I am always on the lookout for tools that can help me monitor my progress and help me succeed. Do you know if MOZ is free to use and do you recommend it? Do you have any other tools that you would recommend for improving site performance?

    • Thanks for stopping in Patrick! Moz does have some free tools on their website and they are great to use as well. I more or less wanted folks to know that you don’t necessarily need these tools that are in a monthly fee status. Yes, blogging is not free but I don’t think that we need to be spending our hard earned money buying more tools for a monthly fee.

      I do promote monthly fee services but the amount you get from the fee is greater than some data digging tool. I promote things like Wealthy Affiliate which has training, hosting, keyword tool, and a community.