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Online Calendar Software is essential for blog management. Keeping a tight schedule for blog posting is best practice. This may be a simple plugin or small piece of an extravagant program. Simple plugins are great for beginners that don’t want any more overhead to their business. While larger blogs need more tools to accommodate more people. This type often performs several tasks and is for small to larger businesses. 


WordPress Editorial Calendar

online calendar software

This type is in the form of a plugin for WordPress. Most bloggers tend to flock to WordPress because it is free. I know there are many other choices out there but this is the most popular. I myself am not a WordPress fan but I must learn to like it because it never seems to go away!
The plugin is great for beginners that are flying solo and need to keep their blog on a schedule for FREE.
Once installed you can find the online calendar software in the posts menu on your dashboard.
You may be thinking to yourself “I don’t need a schedule!” Let me tell you this my friend, I have fought this over and over with myself. This is what happens when I don’t have a schedule. I start a new month writing a post every day. By the end of the month, I have dwindled it down to one post a week.
Why is that? You might ask.
There is so much to do in our everyday lives. That it is crazy to think you can all get done by yourself. If you are posting one or two times a week sure. If you are posting five times a week it will get hectic. The content will crumble in the quality aspect or not get done at all. The WordPress plugin keeps you accountable and organized.
Solo writers can thrive from the plugin but what online calendar software should you use for a team? Team blogging would create the need for a more advanced system.


G Suite – Online Calendar Software You Can Trust

online calendar software

What better company to trust with your information with than Google Right? Let’s face it if you are not a Macintosh user you are a Google user. Notice I didn’t say Windows there. The Android operating system is rapidly becoming the most used operating system today. The price and sleek designs are consuming the competition. When we compare business software suites Google’s pricing starts at 5$ per user. Microsoft is at $15 per user and $12 dollars if paid annually.
Now let’s look at the home users. Macintosh doesn’t offer an office suite so Microsoft has that customer base. The bottom dollar package is $70 per year or $7 per month. Google is Free and has every basic app that you would get with spending money at Microsoft. G Suite features the same incredible online calendar re as the free version. Below is a video showcasing some of the smarter scheduling ideas you can do with G Suite.


You may think well why would I need to use G Suite when my company can use the free tools at Google. The answer is you can do that but your company won’t be secure. G suite puts you on your own server or intranet. There are applications for administration and security. Say for example someone gets removed from the team or terminated from the company. Important files and documents are secure.
There is also a great set of tools for creating company specific apps. The video below showcases this set of tools.


When choosing online calendar software for your team G suite is a great choice at any level.



online calendar software

Wrike is another systematic option. This is a complete package enterprise level program. With Wrike, your entire staff is virtually managed with a few clicks of the mouse. You can create work orders, create a custom workflow, and even assign everyone tasks. This program package price comes in just under $10 per user. This might sound steep at first but Wrike is well worth the money. This enterprise software includes a free trial so you can try it before you get the company credit card out.
The online calendar part of Wrike is more task based. There isn’t a big calendar to bring up. Instead, you create tasks or events and you set the dates within. Then Wrike will remind you via email that day when they are due. In all aspects, Wrike is a great set of tools for any company looking to schedule things they need to get done.


Co-Schedule Has A Mean Price!

online calendar software

The last online calendar software that deserves mentioning is Co-Schedule. This is a nicely done program with a ton of bells and whistles. I did try the free version and it is stunning. The downfall with Co-Schedule is the price. The lowest price for this product is $30 per month and that is for one user. If you can get past the price of the product it is a sure winner. For any blogger or group of bloggers, this is a fantastic program.


Best Overall Value


I hold strong that the best value is going to be Google. They have the most simplistic software and best deals hands down. I have looked and tried a lot of online calendar software. G Suite is the future for Buzz Boxer and I cannot wait to get my paid account calendar software
If you are still having second thoughts about trusting Google with your data let me ask you a few questions. Where do you think your data is more secure? Do you think it is more secure in your home? Do you think it’s more secure in your office building? I can’t speak for every office building of course. I will say that Google’s data centers come with a strong security blanket. These buildings have fences, walls, security guards, and cameras all around the perimeter. That is a small slice of the security protocols that Google takes to protect your free data. Imagine what they will do when you pay for it.




The online calendar software you use is an important decision. As a solo writer, I am using the plugin for simplicity. I will be upgrading to Google business in the future when the time is right. Look for my full review on G suite in the future. UPDATE: G Suite Review is Done!
If you are looking for less of a brand name software then Wrike would be your best bet. It has a ton of amazing features that will get your team running efficiently. If you are looking for the most features and the best design then you might want to consider Co-schedule. Bare in mind that Co-Schedule comes at the steepest price.


Your Thoughts


If you have any comments or questions feel free to drop one below. I would also like to encourage you to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.
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  • ArtByHeart

    Hi there David, your article is very interesting and makes some valid points. I don’t however agree that frequent posting means that quality suffers! Secondly as long as most of the people who read your blog reach it via the search engines, it doesn’t matter much if you publish 5 times a week, once a week or even once a month!

    However I do agree that by the time your blog has gotten many frequent followers, the scheduling starts to matter, as people are expecting your posts. I used G suite myself and am very happy with it!

    • Hi Art,

      My point is that a single blogger doing all of the tasks alone may find it difficult as I have to write five posts a week. I truly think that it is too much to do as one person. Unless that is all you do and have no other people to care for.

      If you are doing this with no problem then great but how much time do you edit your work to make sure there are no spelling errors? How much time do you spend researching products or information to write on your blog?

      How much time do you spend on social media, picture edits, and all the other things associated with running a blog solo?

      On the second matter, if you want lots of eyes looking at your content you need lots of content. Yes, if it does well in the SERPS then you don’t need to write all the time. I look at it though as planting seed after seed.

      If I want a good harvest I want to make sure that I am consistently as much as I can and with the best quality in mind.

      Maybe you are a super wiz at blogging and I applaud your efforts. I do see that you mentioned that you use G suite. Do you pay for G suite for just yourself in the business?

      If there is even one more person on your team then I can see running five posts a week. From my own trial and error, I find that is what works for this blog.

      Thanks, for your comment 🙂


      • ArtByHeart

        Hi David,
        we are currently two and I do all the writing. We both spend a lot of time marketing our content, as well as researching, selecting pictures, testing the products, making videos and editing, checking and such.
        My point was rather that it is not necessary to write 5 stories a week. If you work on your sites PR and DA, you can ensure that your posts will end up on page 1 for not only very low competition keywords, but medium keywords. Hence you need less content and make more results.
        My company owns G suite, so it’s been used for multiple websites and I am starting to slowly use it for my blogs as well, mostly because there is an optimal time to publish a story.

        • David Torres

          I see your point with Page Rank and Domain Authority. These are two important aspects for gaining website traffic. I do plan on adding this topic as a new article to my blog in the future. I still think a blogger at any level, should set a schedule for adding new content.

          I don’t think it is necessary as you said either to write five stories a week for any blog. I do think that you can write five stories a week if you have more than a single person. Again I don’t think it’s a must but with multiple people on your team, I think it can be done if you want to do it.

          A solo blogger should stick to one or two posts a week at most. Like you said though it doesn’t have to be that much. It could be a monthly blog post if the blogger is working heavily on page rank and domain authority.

          My preference is at least once or twice a week on a schedule. That way I have a consistent flow of new content on my blog.

          Thanks for commenting!

  • Hi Dave,

    I’ve avoided this for too long – your comment about busy lives getting in the way rings true with me. Whilst I was reading this, I flicked across to my blog and realized how sporadic my posts are. I completed 3 posts in a single week followed by 3 weeks with nothing! I’m going to take this is a wake-up call and based on your feedback I will be setting up with G suite.

    For me, it is so much more than just scheduling blogs, I will be using it for everything from regular performance reviews to updated and tidying the site – hopefully, this means I will be able to schedule times for all the things I want to achieve.

    Thanks for the tips.



    • David Torres

      Hi, Mike
      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad that this post is inspiring you to set up a schedule. Google Suite can surely help anyone achieve success. I am currently writing a review for this product I hope to have it out by the end of the week. Google Suite is the only choice I see worth using on the market when you are in a team environment.

      Five dollars monthly per person is an excellent price for your team’s collaboration. Microsoft is the only competition I see worthy but the price is a little more with fewer options. You will see the differences in my upcoming review.

      Thank you for commenting.


  • As a solo blogger with a full schedule outside of blogging, a calendar scheduler to help organize my time and goals sounds like a great idea. I never knew there where WordPress plugins for this. I am going to try WordPress Editorial Calendar right away. I will let you know how it works for me.

    • I really enjoy the WordPress calendar and can’t wait till my business is prosperous enough to take on a few more great tools that are a monthly service like G Suite. As a solo entrepreneur though I will keep my costs low and stick with the free version of google or this WordPress editorial calendar. It would be nice if I could sync the two together.

      Thanks for commenting Patrick!