Quality Content Article Writing

Quality content article writing doesn’t  just magically happen and you won’t be good at it without a lot of practice.

The hardest part about writing content for a blog or website is in this secret I’m about to share with the world and it will absolutely blow your mind. ……

Here it is. Are you ready?

……. Getting Motivated

Or just starting to type those awful and painful keystrokes.

As I’m writing this right now I feel as if my fingers are going to fall off!

This may sound silly or stupid but it’s the truth, you are your number one enemy when it comes to getting the content writing done, so let’s get to work.

I’m going to give you seven steps to success when writing for a blog or website.


Step 1: Get Motivated 


I chose this step for number one in this post because number one I have already touched on it above and it needs repeating. Number two, when I started out as a marketer I struggled to do this first step.

Why though? Were there more important things to do other than making money online?

Certainly, there were, you know the excuses: my dog needs to go out, I have to go to the gym or the new season of Game of Thrones is on!  Yes, I am a huge fan!

But if we want to make money as marketers on the internet we have to keep our head in the game and MAKE A SCHEDULE or certain time of the day where blog posting MUST be done.

This next tip has helped me stay motivated for sure!

So I am huge football fan. Not a fan of the New England Patriots. Their Quarterback Tom Brady has a T.V. commercial for Under Armor, where he continually chants EVERY SINGLE DAY in his head.

You may argue that he’s thinking of new ways to cheat every single day rather than practice football and that’s great, I do too but I try to use that same self-talk with my blog posting.

Blog post:Quality Content Article Writing

Every Single Day!

Every Single Day!

Every Single Day!

Yes, Cheesy but Effective!


Step 2:  Know your Audience 


This step may seem like a no-brainer but let’s take a look at this step a little closer.

When I write I want to think about the user of the content. In other words, the person who is reading the information I am writing.

 Who is the person I am writing this stuff for?  We can even make that person up too.

For example John, a stay at home dad has recently started an online marketing business to help support his family.

Since he is at home while the kids are in school he has plenty of time to work on his business but has recently discovered that he has a hard time coming up with content to put on his website.

John turns to Google for answers on this topic and finds my well-written article about how to come up with content for a web page or blog.

Great Story … NOT!

WHO CARES!? And WHY do I need to do this!?

Before you have a blog you need a purpose for the blog and these two concepts are what it’s all about.

Two concepts here:

1. You as a writer need to offer John, in this case, a way to SOLVE his PROBLEM of not knowing how to come up with content.

2. If he finds the information you provided is useful then he may come back to your site and may purchase that eBook, you wrote on how to become a better writer or buy that fantastic looking writing platform that you are marketing.

So you can see here that I VISUALIZED that john has a problem with content writing and since he is at my site looking for that solution.

I can also show him my eBook and writing program that I am selling on my blog.

Taking some extra time to do this starts the setup process for an outline. An outline useful in order to get started in coming up with your content and begins the organization that is also needed when coming up with your content.


Step 3: Pick a Topic and Title 


This one is a little tricky to explain but I will try my best and what I’m going to do here is put myself in your shoes, kind of like the last step.Quality Content Article Writing

So you are an affiliate marketer just starting out and you have a marketing campaign for Nike shoes that you would like to make some money with.

Now you already know that you will most likely be blogging about something sports related, let’s say basketball is the main topic here.

Well, we really wouldn’t just want to blog specifically about basketball because it is too broad of a topic. There are tons of topics about basketball like cards, famous players, shoes and so on.

Instead how about narrowing the topic a bit and using a title like Types of Games You Can Play Using a Basketball Hoop.


Instead how about adding fitness into basketball and come up with a new topic all together like this: How to Get in Shape from Playing Basketball.

As you can see above, the writer who really enjoys this topic of basketball can significantly improve their knowledge of the sport.

They can do this all on one blog with several types of posts about basketball and still promote Nike products if they so choose to affiliate market Nike products.


Step 4: Get and stay Organized


Let’s draw a little outline now! You may have done this in school once or twice and it really doesn’t need great detail but you need to do this to get and stay organized in your writing.

Quality Content Article Writing

You can just doodle this on a regular piece of paper just for time sake but when you’re finished filling it out you can use it as a reference when you are writing your post.  

So in the picture, you can see that I would be writing about how to become a good writer.  Then I branch out to three areas that make a person a good writer.

These are Captivating the audience, Tell the story or message in proper order and write a good summary or conclusion.  

Now in each one of these, there are lines to use and those are for giving some details.  For example: To captivate an audience you can do several things. One thing you can do is to tell a joke.

Again this is a quick doodle or drawing and you don’t need to put that much detail into this. The details need to go on the blog or website. This is simply for you to stay organized so that way you don’t end up talking about off topic things.  

You can find a ton of different ways to outline your writing but this is the quickest and simplest way I have found to get this step done and it works great.


Step 5: Begin your amazing introduction


Here it is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

(Crickets chirp)

My blog is about … (CLICK!)

The visitor you HAD is now on to another site because you had less than 10 seconds to grab their attention and you failed!  So how do we fix this problem?  

Reach through the screen and slap them in the face and say: DON’T TOUCH THE MOUSE!  This is the site you have been looking for so get ready to use the scroll wheel you are going to need it!

This is what your first line needs to say not verbatim of course but seriously you are literally five to ten seconds away from your audience clicking off to another web page.  So how can you grab the reader’s attention before the click off happens?


Here are a few ways to tackle this.  You can tell a story related to what your topic is about: Last month I helped a friend move a couch and I fell down five flights of stairs …

This is how I handled the pain.  You can start off empathetic like this: if you have ever had chronic back pain, I know how you feel this is what I did …

You can also tell a joke: 90% of young people have back pain the rest of us don’t have a computer!  

Another option is to tell an interesting fact or statistic like this: four out of five people have chronic back pain caused by being overweight.  

Now, I made all of that stuff up and yours will need your own genuine content but you can use these ideas to help you get your content writing started.

I also use this throughout my writing to KEEP it interesting. In this post alone I have done it a few times. You are still with me at this point so it’s working right?

(crickets chirping) OK next step


Step 6: Write Your content


Alas, you are ready to put the words in that everyone wants to read!

Now you have an outline with an introduction  what you want to write about in front of you all you have to do is type it out and give supporting details.

WHAT!!!???  Supporting details!!!???

So this may or may not have been in your outline but if not you can add them in when you write the posts.

These could be personal experiences that you have had. For example, I can testify that I have tested this product and I lost an astonishing fifty pounds in just three months!

It can really be anything as long as it’s RELEVANT, TRUTHFUL and NOT DRAGGING ON FOR AN ETERNITY!  These extra details give your content more credibility and help you get more good quality content.


Lastly, here you want to make sure that you are writing a good summary or conclusion. This could be a little tricky as far as not coming off cheesy to the reader.  For example, this is the cheesy version: In summary, you have read how to change your spark plugs, oil, and air filter.  

A better solution might be: If you have any questions regarding some of these DIY tasks you may email me or leave a comment below.

With a blog, you want to always leave them with a CTA or call to action.  This could be a subscription to the blog button, what to read next link or even attend a webinar.

Either way, it’s basically an ending point for your post and a doorway for the reader to get more information.


Step 7: Edit-Edit-Edit


It’s not over yet!Quality Content Article Writing

Some people will just fly right over this one and it’s all because they are in a big rush to get the content online.  

The problem is that when a reader comes to the blog and you don’t know how to at least use a spell check, your credibility as a writer is going to gain a bad reputation.

After a spell check then read it to yourself out loud!  Then after you have fixed things wait a half hour to an hour and do it again.  

Then repeat that process one more time.  If you haven’t found mistakes at this point you are ready to move on.

Now start letting other people read it.  Let at least three other people proofread it and if your work all checks out then you are ready to publish that baby online!

Recently I joined Wealthy Affiliate where there are tons of writers and bloggers at my fingertips.

These folks help me out every step of the way and there is always someone willing to look over my work before posting it online. Below you will find a link to my Wealthy Affiliate Review page.


Thank You


Thanks for stopping by the Buzz Boxer website today if you have any questions or concerns feel free to post a comment below or hit me up on the social media links.

I can get back to you the quickest through my profile on Wealthy Affiliate if your not sure what Wealthy Affiliate is I encourage you to read my FULL REVIEW of the website. Here’s the link!

  • Ninene

    Hi, great info on writing content, I have been writing a few months now and have probably followed your steps.. But I have to admit that I don’t stop myself and go through each step knwowingly. I bet it would make a huge difference. My biggest struggle is to hold my reader’s attention or to write a catchy heading. But your examples makes it a bit easier to think about.
    Thanks for the help!

  • Thanks for taking the time to look this page over! It reminded me that I needed to put a picture in of an simple bubble outline that I drew up. Thanks again!
    David Torres

  • These are great tips! I have to say I’m guilty of not being consistent with these steps! I want to make a list and stay consistent with my work ethic but it is difficult to know and understand which tips and education is correct online. Have you ever ran into this situation before? I like this piece for content writing I will see what else you have on this site.