Ways to get web traffic


Finding ways to get web traffic is no easy task. To some, it is nearly impossible because they do nothing to get traffic and eventually quit altogether.

Some might think that website traffic will come eventually without any effort. ways to get web trafficWell, friend today I will let you in on a little secret. You must take action for your website to get anywhere in the search results.

These tens things are simple little things that can help you get your foot in the door and on the way to becoming an authority in your niche.




This may seem a little obvious but if you want traffic to your website you need to work for it. Just because you can build a great website doesn’t mean that it is going to see any traffic without advertising. A new McDonald’s will still need to spend money or time to start the flow of customers to the new restaurant.

The same goes for a website, you will need to get your voice heard and there are multiple ways of doing this. So be patient and prepared for the following list items will get you some great traffic in the near future!


Social Media

Social media is a great way to jump start the traffic to your website. Let’s face it people are looking at their phones all day if they are able too. I like some of the ways to get web trafficmemes you see on Facebook that complain about this but they were probably staring at their phone making the meme, to begin with.

The point is that … Social Media is where the customer’s eyeballs are and if you want them to see your website you are probably going to have to use some sort of link to get them to click over to your site.



 Search engine optimization is an absolute must and it can be quite confusing when you are starting out the learning curve on this one. If you are using WordPress there is a nice little plugin called Yoast that I would strongly recommend. There is a free and paid version of the plugin. I used the free version and I have gotten great ranking results using it.

Getting too involved with SEO may slow down your productivity of your articles and that’s why I really like Yoast because I can just do the recommend tasks and then I am all set to move on to the next task of my day.



Long Tail Key Words

 A long tail keyword is just a longer version of what someone types into google. It’s more of a targeted search. For example, let’s say I wanted to target the keyword phrase cell phone. That may be a bit broad of a keyword to target in anways to get web traffic article so we might want to narrow it down a bit like cell phone companies or cell phone cases.

Or you could add the tail to the front and the back like this. Otter Box cell phone cases. As you can see this is more likely to be a better keyword to target.

A good keyword tool is always a great thing to have as well to help you find these keywords that you will be targeting. Jaaxy is a well known and fantastic tool for digging up all kinds of gold nugget keywords. Read my full review with the red link above.


Start a Facebook group

 Whatever your niche website is about, a Facebook group could complement it well. Not to bring up social media again but when people are on the internet most of the time they are on a social media site.

So why not make a group on Facebook and start sharing your ideas and linking back to your website content. This is a fantastic idea that any website owner should be taking advantage of.


Stumble Upon

 Stumble upon is a website that people can submit their websites to and bored individuals that like to surf the web may potentially find your site and think it is interesting.

This does work and even if you only get a few visitors a year all you have to do is a quick submission form that takes seconds to complete and you are done. Submit all your articles and posts to Stumble Upon it’s quick and free traffic.



Yahoo & Bing

 Google isn’t the only search engine out there. Yahoo and Bing are a little smaller sure but they still have a large user base. Submitting your websites to both of these search engines is an absolute must for anyone taking their business seriously.

Yahoo and Bing are linked together so you only need to go to either one of the websites to submit your website. This will send you to the Bing website to get all your information it.


Chrome Webstore

 The chrome web store isn’t just for apps and themes. You can pay a one-time developer’s fee of $5.00 and get your site put into Chrome’s Webstore. Depending on your content this may be a great idea to get additional traffic flowing into your site.

You will need to add a line of metadata code into the website but it really isn’t that scary. You just have to copy the code and paste it into the head of your website. If you have any questions on how to do that you can leave me a comment and I would be happy to assist.


Mobile Site

 Remember earlier when I was ranting on about how everyone is always looking at their phones nowadays?  Here it is again folks! Yes, today everyone is looking at a smartphone (at least most of us are), right?

When you are creating a site you need to make sure that your site is going to be responsive. That means that no matter what device people see your site with, it will look the same or you will have a mobile version of the site.

If you are going with a WordPress theme make sure to pick one that has a responsive design. The developers usually notate this in the details of the theme.

ways to get web traffic



Final Thoughts


While these ten may not be all the steps to driving an insane amount of traffic to your site. I can promise that these practices will get you results. If you are looking at getting some additional guidance you may want to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. They have some of the internet’s best marketers teaching the ways of affiliate marketing and you can get a FREE membership! You can get all the details inside my review!



Your Thoughts


If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I enjoy feedback and comments of all types and they will be published and addressed as long as there is no spam.





David Torres

  • Great tips for driving traffic. I never really understood Stumble Upon until I read your article. I will be heading straight there to create an account right after this. Hopefully, it will bring about some decent results. I always wondered about paid traffic options and whether google frowns on this or if they are even worth it. Have you had any experience you can share?

    • David Torres

      Well, Google has their own paid traffic system called Google AdWord. People pay for the top spots in the search engines. I have not had a bunch of experience because I view it as gambling right now. When my site is doing well enough I will add a marketing budget.

      Thanks for commenting