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Wealthy Affiliate Review – Revamped 2018


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I bet you’re searching Wealthy Affiliate to do some research on this program right?


You’re searching because you want the TRUTH about Wealthy Affiliate.


You have questions like …


  • Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam?wealthy affiliate
  • Why does this company sound too good to be true?
  • Where are negative Wealthy Affiliate Reviews?
  • Can I make money with Wealthy Affiliate?


I had the same questions when I first looked at the program. Today you will get the truth about my experience both good and bad.


This Wealthy Affiliate Review, will answer every question you have. It covers all the PROS and CONS of Wealthy Affiliate. It will also show you all the details that you need to know so that you can decide if it’s for you.


What I Didn’t See My First Day


  • People telling me this is easy.
  • Some “Get Rich Quick” Gimmick.
  • Mentors promising millions of dollars.
  • Some unrealistic “autopilot” selling point.
  • Someone pressuring me into doing something.
  • Members bragging about unreal profit potential.


What I Did See My First Day


  • I did not need a credit card to become a free member.
  • As a free member, I was able to access the training content.
  • They gave me two free WordPress websites.
  • There were people actually asking me questions and trying to help me.
  • The Owners were contacting me the first day and responding to questions I had.


I Am The Definition of Skeptical!


In the past I have been a victim of a phishing scheme that cost me and my wife at the time 300 dollars. This was in the late 90s and I told myself never again! If there was one piece of advice I could give to my readers it would be this.

Learn from my mistakes and do your homework on everything you see online and offline. We all need to steer clear of these predators.

Most of the time when it sounds too good it is!


The Home Based Business Nightmare


I’ve had some bad luck when it comes to earning money other than the traditional manner. Yet, I have always craved to earn a secondary income online.

I started off my venture with a business trying to sell herbal health products. Turns out that these products were way too expensive. I was also supposed to keep an inventory. So you can imagine this was my first failure.

Then my sister heard about this project that was like to the herbal health product company. Only it relied on me contacting every person that I ever knew to see this presentation.

Then I had to … GULP talk to them face to face and try to get them to join under me!

As you can imagine I was back to square one. Then I heard about this affiliate marketing thing. I have been crash testing different strategies on this concept for quite some time with no such luck.


Being a Skeptic Finally Pays Off!


So early in 2016, I was on Facebook when I ran into another affiliate marketing business offer. This was a video ad and these guys were young and hanging on the beach and making money on “AUTOPILOT”.

(I love it when I see the word “AUTOPILOT”, I try to see how long it takes me to find the scam!)

They said I needed to go to this webinar because it would change my life and way of thinking! It was free so I had to go because that’s who I am. During the webinar the advertised cost to start up this business was 99 dollars.

During the Q&A session at the end, one person asked if 99 dollars was the only investment and they said yes. I didn’t make a purchase during the webinar because I smelled something rotten. I knew something was wrong when they didn’t even tell me the name of the company.

Then I was able to get a hold of people who had recently joined. They said they were later told there will be more investment after the 99 dollars.

So I dodged that bullet there. Then while I was searching for the truth about that company, I ran into a Wealthy Affiliate Review.

The Wealthy Affiliate Review that I looked at said that I could join the community for FREE. The review said they would give me two FREE websites. And NO credit card information was necessary.

I was truly interested although I was still skeptical of course. I gave them my email address and set up an account and I am so glad I did!


How Wealthy Affiliate Works

wealthy affiliate


Inside Wealthy Affiliate


There’s so much going on inside Wealthy Affiliate. I’m not sure where to begin. It’s like a mesh of Facebook and an online classroom. Along with a place to build a website, a forum for questions and an active live chat where I could ask questions.

There was so much to explore but I had my mind focused on success. I decided to jump right into the training. There, I was lead to complete a profile and add a picture along with writing a little about who I am.

When I completed those tasks one of the owner’s, Kyle started a real conversation with me. He made sure I felt welcome as well as addressing any concerns or questions that I had.

This was not a machine addressing me it was Kyle himself. I guess normally both owners do this but Carson wasn’t available that day.

Kyle wasn’t pushing for me to become a premium member right away either. This was a shock to me at first but I guess he knows that the system sells itself.

wealthy affiliate


Finally Something Worth Trying!


Wealthy Affiliate is a learn as you go task-based training platform. This is a system that works and holds you accountable. Accountable for how your business grows and succeeds by taking action.

They stress that you have to take action for this to work. If you want to you may show off that hard work and there’s always someone there cheering you on.

Wealthy Affiliate also has a ranking system score. That score shows how well you are doing compared to the rest of your peers. This score will get ranked by the number of tasks you complete and how many people you help in the community.


The Atmosphere of Wealthy Affiliate


Every time I interact with another member, it is always a pleasant experience. I never hear people being competitive or overbearing inside. Most of the time if I need help on something I can expect a response within a few minutes.

Everyone wants to see other people succeed like they are your own family. People inside WA all have a goal to succeed. Nothing makes success sweeter than to share it with family.

The biggest asset of Wealthy Affiliate is the people in it.

I could see that I was a big part of that even as new member! You can also read real personal reviews from the premium member’s. Often you will see what their experience at Wealthy Affiliate has been like.


Go Take a Free Tour!


I’m nowhere near the end of this review yet but if I were you I would check it out for myself. Why not? It’s Free of charge to join the community.

The Starter membership requires NOTHING but a small form as you can see below. Then you get access to the starter membership training lessons.

wealthy affiliate


What Happens After My Free Lessons?


If you haven’t signed up yet, this is for you. If you do sign up as a free member, you get seven days to think about being a premium member. The first month price is heavily discounted.

You get a 61% discount off the normal price and the timer starts once you join as a starter member. If you are like me then you like to take advantage of the free stuff when it comes along.

I didn’t have an enormous amount of time to get all the free lessons completed before the timer was up. I did get a lot done before the last day. The thing I liked the most though is that these people are not pushy.

They give you seven days to try out the membership. Then you can try the premium membership with a 61% discount for the first month.


Do I Have To Be a Premium Member?


I weighed this out in my head for a while and this is what I came up with.

  • I knew I wanted some sort of training. What I was getting for free from Wealthy Affiliate was already giving me great ideas. I was getting step-by-step training that fit my learning style. So naturally, I wanted more!
  • Everything else that I had tried online had failed. I could see that this was something special as long as I put in the work myself!
  • I found out that I can host .com domains there for FREE with a premium membership.
  • The full monthly price is $49 dollars. So with the first-month discount I could check out the premium side for under 20 dollars.

I put my skeptical mind to the side along with my doubts and gave this a shot. I told myself it was only twenty dollars and not to get hung up on it.


Inside the Premium Membership


Making the decision to go premium was a difficult choice. I was able to see that the positives out weighed the negatives. I also realized that the discount was going to give me more time to see if this was for me or not.

You know what I found out? The free membership is great but the premium membership is way better. I unlocked all the regular and premium training that I was going through.

I also got access to the webinar training that has Q&A time at the end. You also get access to all previously recorded webinar training.


A Practical Look at Wealthy Affiliate


What is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate is an online training program. Which acts like a social networking site. With an emphasis on learning affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate launched in 2005 and has over 100,000 contributing members.


Who Owns Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy Affiliate has two owners Kyle and Carson. These co-founders of the company are extremely active within the community. They also have a deep passion for online marketing.

Before Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson were already successful internet bloggers. Some projects that Kyle and Carson worked on together were Jaaxy and Street Articles.

Jaxxy is an online keyword research tool. Which was recently added into Wealthy Affiliate at no charge for the lite version.

Street Articles is an article directory formerly used by WA to write posts. These posts would back link to their websites and give better Google rankings.

Google has since then reformulated their algorithms. Google now sees backlinks as a less important entity as before.


At A Glance


Wealthy Affiliate is a website built to train aspiring individuals to become marketers. The common curriculum at Wealthy Affiliate is as follows:

  • How to build an online marketing business
  • How to build a website
  • Choosing a Niche market
  • Choosing lucrative keywords
  • Search Engine Optimization

These are a few of the many things taught in the Wealthy Affiliate training courses. I’d like to showcase the pros and cons of the program next.


Wealthy Affiliate Pros List


The benefits of Wealthy Affiliate are why I keep my subscription. You will see that this list of pros will benefit a marketer on any level.

  • Free to join as a starter member with NO credit card information needed.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is completely online based with no downloads or software to install.
  • Learn at your own pace whenever you like.
  • There are two up sells for premium and yearly discount premium. You are not pressured to spend money.
  • The lessons are step-by-step and fun especially when you have the mindset of making money.
  • Start learning at any level of marketer. There is something for everyone!
  • Learn from top-level marketers in the industry. There are many professional affiliate marketers that are willing to lend a hand.
  • Their support system includes: forums, direct messages, chat room, comment board and classrooms.
  • Starter Membership: Two FREE Websites with some free WordPress themes.
  • Premium Membership: Unlimited Websites. With access to an enormous amount of the WordPress themes.
  • High Speed Web Hosting.
  • Try Jaaxy keyword tool on a WA free account. (starter version 30 searches).
  • Free generic keyword tool (premium unlimited searches, starter 30 searches).
  • State of the art writing platform where you can set goals and search for images.
  • There’s always room to grow, and always new people to meet and help grow!


Wealthy Affiliate Cons List


Nothing is ever perfect and we can all strive for excellence. Wealthy Affiliate is always looking for new improvements that will benefit marketers.

Since I started in 2016 they have added a new writing platform. They have integrated the Jaaxy keyword tool. They have also added other features for site speed, security and HLS video.

Here is a list of cons I have found for Wealthy Affiliate:

  • It’s easy to get off track with all the social tools available.
  • If not promoting Wealthy Affiliate or Jaaxy you need to join other affiliate offers. This can prove to be a challenge at first. The Amazon affiliate program is a good example.
  • New people may get overwhelmed or stuck. Ask plenty of questions and you will do fine.
  • Once you are a premium member you cannot revert to a free member. You can pause the account at anytime. Your domain gets disabled after 30 days.
  • Lastly, this takes dedication, time and effort. I don’t see this as a flaw in the program but needs mentioning.

These are all small flaws in the Wealthy Affiliate program. When I look at this list of cons I say to myself if this is all I have to overcome then this is a sure winner!


Who Can Benefit from Wealthy Affiliate?


Honestly, I can’t think of a single person that couldn’t benefit from this program!

Here’s a quick list of people that would be well suited for Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Anyone with computer & internet access
  • Stay-at-Home moms or dads
  • Single or married people
  • Anyone who needs extra money
  • Writers or Bloggers
  • Business owners
  • People interested in affiliate marketing
  • Students who need extra money
  • WordPress enthusiasts
  • Web designers
  • Individuals looking to leave the traditional workforce
  • The list goes on but you get the picture ANYONE

The target audience of Wealthy Affiliate is people who need money. The more money you make, the more money you spend. That’s an old saying that I can’t stand but it holds some truth.


Learning and Tech Support


The support system is unbelievable at Wealthy Affiliate. All the support is quick and reliable. Here is a list of the types of support that you will have access to:

  • There’s a search bar at the top of the member’s area. Start by asking your question in the search bar. Previously answered questions will pop up
  • You can use the live chat to get quick responses
  • Classrooms include a comment system
  • Hosting and website support are available 24 – 7
  • Premium members can direct private message for help this includes the owners
  • I can also help you myself if you sign up using any of the links on this page. I will personally take care of any questions or concerns you may have. If you join my newsletter you are going to get access to my daily bloggers checklist.


Tools and Training


Here is a quick spotlight on some of the tools and training:

  • Getting Started – Starter members get this first lesson. It covers how to build a website and generate a passive income with it.
  • Affiliate Bootcamp – Starter members again only get to use the first lesson. This one covers how to start a website promoting Wealthy Affiliate.
  • There are several classrooms and blogs about various topics.
  • Wealthy Affiliate also does hour-long weekly Webinars about various topics in affiliate marketing. This is for premium members only.

Wealthy Affiliate also has some nice built-in tools.

  • 2 Free WordPress websites hosted on the SiteRubix platform. (Free member)
  • Free WordPress themes (10 to choose from). Including the most used plugins for SEO and security (Free member)
  • A Free Keyword Research Tool (30 searches for free members)
  • Free Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (30 searches for free members)
  • Free Article writing tool
  • Unlimited Websites (Premium only)
  • Hundreds of WordPress Themes to choose from (Premium only)
  • Unlimited Keyword search tool uses (Premium only)
  • Host your own domain name at Wealthy Affiliate (Premium only)

Below you will see a graph that shows all the differences between the two memberships.


Starter VS Premium Chart


Wealthy Affiliate Pricing


There are only two different memberships at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Starter member – Free
  • Premium member – The first month is $19 if you join before your week timer runs out. (The timer starts when you join as a free member). This equals a 61% discount and after that, it costs $49 dollars a month.
  • Yearly option – There is also an option to pay yearly and the current price for that is $359. Doing the math $49 X 12 = 588; $588 – $359 = $229 in savings a year.

The yearly rate is the best way to go if you can afford the 359 up front. Most of the members stick with the monthly rate. I have plans soon to join the yearly savings plan.

There is also a Black Friday event every year where the yearly cost comes down to 299. That deal may change from year to year.


Final Buzz Boxer Verdict!

  • Is this a scam of any sort?

I have tested and tried this product thoroughly for over a year. There are NO signs of any type of scam at all. I get paid when they say I’m getting paid at the rate I am promised.

I’m an affiliate for Wealthy Affiliate that brings them new subscribing members. If you decide to do the training here but promote Amazon products then Amazon pays you.

If you are saying to yourself well, it’s a little steep on the price. I can understand that I have a family of five and know how you feel.

If you take into consideration the hosting , the WordPress themes. The Free Jaaxy account, the great writing platform. And the video webinar training you can start to see that this is unbelievably cheap.

Add the training in and you are actually saving money and getting an incredible deal!

  • Is this worth your time?

This is 100% worth every second of time you can spare. If you take the time to write quality content that readers will want to engage in you will see results over time.

  • Can you actually make money with this?

You can absolutely 100% make money in affiliate marketing. I’m currently making a little more than the cost of my membership per month.

Still not sure you can do this? Check this out!

Look at the world today with 7 billion people and the internet usage is climbing to almost 4 Billion. Most of which are looking at a computer, smartphone or tablet on a consistent basis. You have an enormous audience out there and Wealthy Affiliate can show you how to reach them.


Final Thoughts


Before I signed up I made a mental checklist of reasoning that led me to my decision.

  • There are thousands of people in this thing. I thought to myself before joining there is NO WAY they could all be getting scammed. After a year in, I now know that it works. I am making money and no one is stealing money from me.
  • The few complaints that I could find about Wealthy Affiliate. All seemed like it was the member’s fault. One example was that someone got upset. About losing premium options when they stopped paying for their account.
  • The price is very low for the many services you get.
  • Before I first joined I thought if this is a scam I would only be losing $19 dollars for the first month and I would opt out. 
  • I told myself if it is a scam I will get a hold of Paypal and dispute the charges. I didn’t have to do any of that because this program works the way they claim.

Everything that I have seen on the internet as far as making money doesn’t even compare to this. This is one of the very few LEGIT ways to make money online. So give it a go with a free membership!


Sign up for FREE here and try it yourself.


Don’t Forget the Premium Discount!


When you sign up as a free member you have seven days to think about the program. I haven’t seen this feature in a program before. Normally, people want your money right now! This is an admirable feature that Kyle and Carson have put into the business model.

During that period a 61% discount is available for the first-month premium membership.

So that means that you can give this a try for only $19. Then, you can see what being a premium member is all about!

Once I notice that you have joined I will be there to welcome you in. You can bet that I’ll be there to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Update: For those of you that may find getting started a little troublesome. Check out my Wealthy Affiliate Guide and Make Money Blogging.


Your Thoughts


I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post them below.

I like to hear feedback on my posts, so don’t hold back if you feel I left something out. Thanks for reading!

Best wishes to all your endeavors,




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