What does Wealthy Affiliate Teach

What does Wealthy Affiliate Teach?

An Inside Peek of the Affiliate Boot Camp Program.


 What does Wealthy Affiliate teach? It is a very popular program that teaches online marketing. I wanted to give my readers a bit more of an inside look at the curriculum.


I have done a Wealthy Affiliate Review before but that is all about the pros and cons. The good, the bad and the ugly right?. Wealthy Affiliate is great but I want to show off the great content in which they will be learning.


Starting A Foundation



Yes, we all have to start somewhere and the foundation of this program is a strong one. I’m not going to lay it all on the line here but I will get the main topic for sure.


The first thing you’re going to do is start off with some goals and this is very important. Why? If you don’t know where you are going how are you going to get there?


I know the real question is: What does Wealthy Affiliate Teach? I will get there trust me.


Next, there going to get you right in and start building your first website. You will pick a domain name and get your site up and run quickly.


Then, they will talk a little about scalable websites and write a themed content.


Finally, they get you moving on writing reviews for your website. They will then wrap up the first lesson with leveraging content from their site to yours.


Content, Keywords, and Conversions


This lesson is an important one so make sure to take good notes. The content is awesome.


He will start off talking about creating readable content that converts. Then a stressed lesson about using affiliate links the correct way. That lesson dawned light on me and I saw what I had been doing so wrong in affiliate marketing this whole time.What does Wealthy Affiliate Teach


Next, he talks about keywords and how to use them. After the lesson, I was still confused on where I was to declare the keyword I wanted to use. If you have problems leave me a comment or social message and I will help.


Then, he goes into creating reviews and using targeted keywords. Along with a side how to back up your website. That is a very important task that needs to be done weekly at least.


He finishes this lesson with learning how to get more content out of what you have done already.

Giving Your Site Social Value


This lesson we start to leverage social media. We learn how to add plugins to our site that will count things like Facebook likes and track Pint-rest shares.


Next, we take a look at how to make our social profiles What does Wealthy Affiliate Teachbrand friendly.


Then we go through how to get setup with Google and Google Analytics. He also introduces us to the keyword tool Jaaxy. I did a full review on Jaaxy as well and it is a very handy tool!


Finally, he wraps this one up with a lesson on how to use the sidebar of the website for promotional use. As you can see my sidebar has a promotion for WA. I don’t like to overdo the promotions. To me it makes the site look like a huge gimmick.

Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a Brand Through…


In this lesson, we learn that appearance is everything when it comes to web design. With that, he starts this lesson off with a few web design tips and how you can beautify your site.


Next, we learn the importance of having a relevant picture or other media to go along with the text.What does Wealthy Affiliate Teach


Pictures break up the monotony of words spread out across the web page. Having that nice image to show off in the text will keep your visitors from getting board.


Then we take a look at some ways to make logos, images, and videos. You don’t have to be on Youtube but it will increase your audience.


I am one of those that doesn’t like to read too much and prefer that someone show me the way via video. Once I figure out how to flush the side of me that is camera shy I will be moving into video myself.


Finally, we end the lesson with a lesson on customer perspective. That’s where it all happens so when the customer walks in the door what does the website look like.


Knowing Your Audiences & Catapulting Your Referrals…


This is a wrap-up course or set of lessons because after this one we learn about pay per click. He starts this one with creating content with intent. We don’t want to write for fun, do we? No we all have a purpose for doing this and he gets you thinking about how to write your content with some purpose.


Then he goes into writing comments and how we can leverage other people’s comments. He talks about how to provide links in the comments and how your audience will react to that.


I have a friend that is fighting the comments right now. She wants to write but her traffic is so high and she has so many comments on the daily that she cannot create new content. I wish I knew that pain:)


Next, he talks about adding a custom sign-up link to your site and doing the same thing in video format.


To wrap this course up he talks finally about making a six-week plan of attack. He guides you through daily tasks and how to stay focused through the six weeks and make conversions.

Bing, Yahoo, & The Power of PPC


This course gets you to look at pay per click adverting. Up till this point, we have been concentrating organic traffic. He begins the lesson walking us through Bing ads.


Next, we go through and set up our site with Bing in the same manner as we would with google.What does Wealthy Affiliate Teach


After that, we start setting up our first PPC campaign and
conversion tracking is also

Finally, we get taught how to capitalize on What does Wealthy Affiliate Teachhidden PPC landing pages. And we get to learn some creative strategies with keywords. It might not seem like a big section but remember I am summarizing here.

How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns


In the last Phase or course, we are learning about Google Adwords. He mentions that anyone starting PPC shouldn’t start here because the competition is fierce.


There is a section on how to maximize your review pages with PPC and what he calls the double down approach.


We then get a little mathematical model thrown to us showing figures in PPC.


Finally, we learn to use concise pages for PPC and how to build a long-term, scalable PPC Campaign.


What Does Wealthy Affiliate Teach – Conclusion


Breaking it all down in a quick little post like this doesn’t begin to show you the level of detail in the program.


Any beginner or seasoned veteran can get something out of this boot camp training. I hope that this brief outline can give you some insight on making a decision to join us inside.


If you haven’t yet, I would encourage you to take a peek at my Wealthy Affiliate Review. It has a very detailed look at the entire university.


Your thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this overview of the boot camp section of Wealthy Affiliate. What does Wealthy Affiliate Teach? Is a question that I had awhile ago and I didn’t quite get the answer I was looking for I hope you did!
If you have any comments or questions please leave them below. Please be sure to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and signup for our newsletter. It will not disappoint!


  • ArtByHeart

    I have been part of WA now for 6 months and have to say that even though I found the certification great and it thought me the principles of SEO and online marketing, the real value of WA is in the wast community of self-made experts. I have learned more from the training and blog posts that these people have written about their success and failures than anywhere else!

    • David Torres

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your time with WA. As you said I have learned more here than anywhere else. Yes, you can go out on the net and look and research all of this stuff yourself. You will spend a long time finding everything you need to know.

      The training here is genuine and true. I never made a dollar on my own and now I am finally seeing some revenue from affiliate marketing. It is the greatest feeling to create an income online even if it is just a small flow. Because if you can make one sale you can make more!